The hares and the…

Eagle, certainly not a tortoise!

I got up to 3 brown hares in the field next to the cottage.  Two were leverets just running around together.  The other was a watchful parent, who seemed to shepherd them at times.

Then the golden eagle returned yet again yesterday afternoon and ate something just on the hill behind.  It stayed for quite a while again, which seems to be a habit.

Later yesterday, as I was enjoying the evening sunshine, I opened the back door and there was a hare just grazing, in the shadow of the cottage.

OCH hare edited


Enjoying the fabulous weather at the moment, max’ed at 26 degrees yesterday.  Walked up from the back of our cottage (on the left in the photo) onto a hill twice, once for breakfast…


…and once for supper, to watch the sun go down.


Sauna installed!

Our two-person sauna was connected today, completing the installation in the main bathroom.  It’s an infra-red one, resulting in a penetrating heat at a more pleasant temperature of 43 – 66°C, thus providing more health benefits and a far more enjoyable, relaxing and comfortable experience.  Benefits of infra-red saunas are believed to be an improved skin complexion, detoxification and enhanced circulation amongst other things.


Not only that, it also gives you a great view out to sea:


…and you can listen to the radio or some music while enjoying the view.

Our favourite cafe opens for the season!

Our favourite cafe, Single Track, has opened today for the season.  It is just a walk up the road and well worth the stroll.  We predictably ventured up for our lunch, fab soup, cakes, coffee and tea as per usual – all served up by the lovely, welcoming ladies who freely give out advice to tourists and locals alike.  New art on display for sale too, capturing local colours and scenes.  There’s even artists’ materials for those who fancy a bit of sketching or painting while staying in the area.

20170515_143618 (1)


Returned to Skye

Just returned to Skye after a family break, welcomed back by valued friends and lovely, settled weather – clear blue skies and bright sunshine.  Beautiful moonlit nights too, with darkness down to just a few hours now and reducing.  We see lots of different shipping pass by.  We missed the submarine but saw the Caribbean Princess, a floating hotel.  Yes, a reminder that it’s the season for holidaying in the Highlands and Islands.