Covid-19 – Cleaning and Revisions to Terms and Conditions

The health and safety of our guests and service providers is very important to us and this is especially so during the Covid-19 pandemic.  We have assessed the new risks and have invested in equipment, materials and enhanced cleaning services to reduce the risks to all involved.    

Please note that:

  • these changes will remain in force while the Covid-19 pandemic persists in the UK. We are currently planning on the assumption that this will be throughout 2021;
  • we reserve the right to vary these as needed.  We will continue to protect our guests and service providers and so may introduce changes at anytime to protect the health and safety of all concerned;
  • Where there is a conflict with our standard Terms and Conditions then these Covid-19 Revisions to Terms and Conditions supersede the standard ones.   
  1. New Cleaning Regime

The following will be carried out for each of our cottages between guest stays:

  • All bed linen will be replaced, including pillow protectors;
  • New, disposable pillow protectors will be fitted to all pillows;
  • All bed linen, towels, dressing gowns/robes, tea towels, dish cloths and oven gloves will be washed at 60°C;
  • The whole cottage will be ventilated, weather permitting. 
    Please note that The Byre has a ventilation system that constantly brings in fresh air and filters it on its way into the property, and extracts stale air from the property.

It has been necessary to remove several items from our cottages to reduce the risk of any cross-contamination.  The following items have been removed until further notice:

  • Some books, games, maps, tourist information (we have split these into two sets per cottage so that half can be rested for at least 5 days between guests);
  • Binoculars / spotting scope.

We will return to our fully equipped state as soon as it is safe to do so. 

2. New Responsibilities for Guests

In order to assist in reducing the inherent risks from Covid-19, guests will need to:

  • Prior to departure, all bed linen, towels, dressing gowns/robes, dish cloths, tea towels and oven gloves are to be removed and placed in the zipped bags provided ready for resting then laundering;
  • Place all recyclable rubbish except glass in the blue dustbin. No plastic bags in the blue dustbin please;
  • Leave all empty glass on the kitchen drainer for recycling;
  • Place the used disposable pillow protectors and all other landfill rubbish in provided black bin liners, tie the handles to seal the bags and place in the green dustbin.

If guests become ill or have to self-isolate then it is essential that you:

  • Return home as soon as possible on becoming ill providing it is safe to do so;
  • Do not enter our cottages unless you have to;
  • Notify us as soon as possible of your illness and plans;
  • If you have to self-isolate in our cottage then advise us when your isolation period will end; we can then plan a longer void (72 hours or more) and deep clean including fogging, notifying the next guests who will be impacted;
  • Unfortunately, given the impact on other guests, we will have to charge self-isolating guests for the extra time that they have stayed.  We will refund in full guests whose booking has to be cancelled;  
  • Self-isolating guests will be promptly advised of the extra charge; this will be at the then current weekly rate.   Please consider taking out holiday insurance to cover this eventuality.

3. Terms

We are taking new bookings for holidays on the understanding that if Covid-19 restrictions persist within Scotland, or any other country in the UK that is a transit country for you, then we will allow you to re-schedule your stay with us in 2021 or 2022 without penalty.  Deposits will be kept low, 20% of the rental price, and the remainder is payable 8 weeks before your stay.